You could say KJH Surf has been 7 years in the making... The inspiration behind our brand is all thanks to our little pocket rocket Kalanni Joyce.

Kalanni has always been little for her age, but this has never stopped her doing anything she sets her mind to. At 8 months old Kalanni got her first taste of surfing when she went for a paddle with her Dad on the front of his board at Burleigh... the excitement was written all over her face and she has never looked back.

Being so small, we have always found it difficult to find things to fit her that are age appropriate and that suited her style.... so this is when KJH Surf was born. Kalanni has the final decision on all our products, patterns and colours that we get made. Her input and excitement with the brand is what it's all about for us. The passion Kalanni has with her surfing and skating is growing daily and we hope that we can help show other little groms that no matter their age, gender or size, just getting out there and giving it a go, is what Kalanni is all about. 

Surf Inspired by Kids